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Double Degree

Double degree programme (aka. double diploma programme) is an initiative that allows students to obtain 2 diplomas of 2 different universities during one study cycle.  The eligible participants of the programme are students in the field of study: English, German, Biology, Music, Pre-school and Primary Education. Other specialties are under negotiation.

The nomination of a student who wants to participate in the „Double Diploma Programme" should be accepted by the competition committee composed of representatives of both universities.

The competition committee is approved by the rectors of both universities.

The selection takes the form:

- of an online interview conducted by the competition committee of the university,
- the purpose of the interview is to determine the level of knowledge of the Polish language (or some subjects in English, Russian, Ukrainian), knowledge and skills in the chosen specialty.
- The list of nominated students participating in the "Double Diploma program" shall be approved by the university rectors.

Partner Universities:



Administrative Coordinators

Anna Kolesnyk

Yelyzaveta Okunkova

Institute of Exact and Technical Sciences

Stanisław Kowalczyk

Institute of Philology

Polish Philology: Katarzyna Jarystow

Russian Studies: Grażyna Lisowska

German Studies: Barbara Widawska

Institute of Pedagogy

Maria Aleksandrovich

Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences

Oleg Aleksandrovich

Halyna Tkachenko

Department of Musical Arts

Jarosław Chaciński

Institute of History

Robert Kuśnierz

Institute of Social and Economic Geography and Tourism

Iwona Jażewicz

Institute of Security and Management

Department of Security: Michalina Pietrek

Department of Sociology and Politology: Marek Bednarz

Department of Management: Volodymyr Streltsov

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