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Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

Aktywna Akademia Godło Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską


Akadamia Pomorska Słupsk



Students can apply for a room in one of the three dormitories (Polish: akademik). There are single, two-, three- and four-person rooms. There are also improved-standard rooms and rooms adapted to the needs of students with disabilities. All dormitories are situated at Arciszewskiego Campus. 

1. To get a place in one of the dormitories, you should submit an application available from here). The application should be submitted at least one month before the academic year starts. You can submit the documents:

  • in person (in the administration of one of the dormitories or in the central administration of the Student Accommodation Complex (situated in the Dormitory No. 3, room No. 2),
  • via email: 
  • via traditional post (Address: Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku, Osiedle Akademickie, ul. Arciszewskiego 22, 76-200 Słupsk).


NOTE: You can indicate in which dorm you prefer to be accommodated. However, the places may be assigned randomly. Several days before your arrival, you can access a list with the number of the dormitory (this will be published on the University website). 

2. When applying for accommodation for the first time, you need to go to the following webpage, visit the tab “płatności” (payment), download a blank template  “Akademik” (“Dormitory”) and print it out. 

3. You can either pay for the accommodation with cash at the post office or in a bank with your credit card. Also, if you have a Polish credit card, you can pay for the accommodation through the bank application by money transfer. Apart from that, if you would like to pay before your arrival in Poland (for example, you need a confirmation of payment for the visa process), you can pay by money transfer from your own country and domestic bank. The bank account number (IBAN) on which the payment should be made is available on the web-page of your online account, after you log in and go to the tab “płatności” (follow this link).

4. When you first arrive in the dormitory, you need to have some personal identification documents with your name and surname (such as a foreign passport or a student ID card if you’re already a student) to show to the concierge.

5. The number of people living in one room depends on the dormitory. In Dormitory No. 1 there are 2, 3 or 4 person rooms. In Dormitories no. 3 and 4 there are only double rooms. 

6. You may be assigned to a room on a random basis. However, the assignment usually occurs on the basis of the country or city and the announcements about which city is going to live in which dorm can be seen on the doors of the dormitories or inside them at the concierge desks. 

7. If you want to change your room, you can ask the supervisor of a dormitory for permission. Moreover, if you’re going to study permanently, you can ask to live with your friends (this is usually only possible in the second semester when there are more places at the dormitory). Always inform the supervisor about your intention to move to a different room and provide a written statement beforehand. 

8. The prices of accommodation depend on the number of students in one room and the standard of accommodation. The prices below are all per month. 


  • a place in a two-person room - 410 PLN
  • a place in a three-person room - 340 PLN
  • a place in a four-person room - 300 PLN 
  • living alone in a two- or three-person room - 560 PLN
  • a place in a two-person room with a bathroom in Dormitory No. 1 - 480 PLN
  • living alone in a two-person room with a bathroom in Dormitory No. 1 - 640 PLN.

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