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Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

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Akadamia Pomorska Słupsk

Our offer

Dear Guests, We appreciate your interest in visiting our University. This website provides you with information needed to apply for admission at Pomeranian University. Our University offers highly qualified lecturing staff, well-equipped laboratories as well as computer labs. Pomeranian University is located in Słupsk, in the northern part of Poland, close to the Baltic Sea. Its area is full of greenery and beautiful views. The stay in Słupsk will give you not only a chance to gather international and cultural experience, but also a possibility to develop professionally. We are looking forward to hosting you!

About Słupsk

Słupsk is a town located in northern Poland in Pomorskie Voivodeship (Province). The city is situated on the Słupia River, on the Słowińskie Coastland, about 18 km from the Baltic Sea. It has a population of approximately 92 170 inhabitants. We invite you to the most beautiful pearl of Central Pomerania. For some Słupsk is merely a stop in their travel. However, it’s worth a longer stay. Here you can stroll along mediaeval fortifications, see the Słupsk Guildhall, church leaning tower and the largest collection of works of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.

Słupsk is where many attractive national and international events are organized: Polish Piano Festival, Komeda Jazz Festival, Female Arts Confrontations, Young Talent Festival “Niemen Non Stop”.

Słupsk is immersed in greenery. There are uncounted trees and numerous shrubs. The city looks especially beautiful during spring and autumn. In the city center you will find a clock made of flowers.

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General Information


Pomeranian University in Słupsk is the state school of higher education with almost 50-year tradition. It was founded in 1969 on the basis of the Cabinet (Reg. no. 18, it. 134) under the name of Teacher’s College. The basis for Higher Teacher’s College was namely the Teacher’s College existing from 1957.


Rector of Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Zbigniew Osadowski, Assoc. Prof.







Vice-rector for Education and Students’ affairs, Danuta Gierczyńska, Assoc. Prof.








At present, there are five faculties at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk: within the scope of their activities, there are eleven institutes and four chairs. The University possesses also inter-faculty units i.e.: Scientific Publishing House, University Archives and the Main Library as well as inter-school units: Foreign Language Study Centre and Sports.


The Publishing House has been developing successfully for the last few years and until 2017 it had already published 940 titles. It publishes new titles every month of which the authors are both scientific employees of Pomeranian University as well as the researchers from outside the University.

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University Structure


Institute of Music

Institute of Pedagogy

Chair of Social Work


Institute of History and Political Sciences

Institute of Modern LanguagesInstitute of Polish Studies


Institute of Biology and Environmental Protection

Institute of Physics

Institute of Geography and Regional Studies

Institute of Mathematics


Institute of Health Sciences


Chair of Management

Chair of Administration and Sociology

Chair of Cybernetics and Security Engineering

Institute of National Security


At present there are about 3000 students at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. They are offered education in 29 fields and 83 specializations both in the system of full-time studies (daily basis, free of charge) as well as part-time (weekend studies, paid).At first-cycle degree studies (Bachelor’s degree) Pomeranian University educates in 29 fields:

  • Administration - specializations: Economic administration, Self-government administration, Administration of justice
  • National Security - specializations: Security and public order, Cyber security, Maritime security, National defense system, Crisis management
  • Biology - specializations: Medical biology, Science, Phytotherapy
  • Sociocybernetics – (Master degree and Bachelor of Engineering) - specializations: Cyber security with elements of cryptography and cryptology, Cybermedia, Cyber security with elements of social diagnosis, Cybermedia with elements of social diagnosis, Management and e-administration system,
  • Fine Arts Education – specializations: Music
  • Technical and IT Education /eng/ - specializations: Teaching, Automatics and robotics, Web and mobile applications
  • English Philology - specializations: Teaching, Translation
  • German Philology - specializations: Teaching, German in business and tourism, German with English language
  • Polish Philology - specializations: Journalism and new media, Polish Philology with foreign language, Literature culture (40+), Editorial
  • Russian Philology - specializations: Russian Philology (40+), Russian in tourism and business, Russian with English language, Literary-translational
  • Physiotherapy - specializations: Physiotherapy in therapeutic medicine, Physiotherapy in geriatrics
  • Technical Physics /eng/ - specializations: Renewable energy, Technical methods in criminology,
  • Geography - specializations: Geoinformation, Economy and self-government policy, Natural environment management
  • History - specializations: American studies, Archive studies, Teaching, History of Christianity (50+), Regional history (50+), Military history
  • Information Technology /eng/ - Programming
  • Environmental Engineering /eng/ - Water and sewage management system, Municipal services management
  • Cosmetology
  • Mathematics - specializations: Data analysis in Business Intelligence, Teaching specialisation, Methods in informatics and finance
  • Environment Protection - specializations: Biomonitoring, Ecoenergy, Wildlife conservation, Environmental protection in public administration
  • Education - specializations: Education with English language (teaching), Education with English language (evening studies), Care education with social assistance, Rehabilitative education with sociotherapy, Psychopedagogy
  • Nursing
  • Political Science - specializations: New media and social communication, Migratory policy, Self-government and public policy, Project management
  • Social Work - specializations: Social work in social assistance and multicultural environment
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Sociology - specializations: Family assistant, Criminology and penitentiary sociology, Mediation and social communication, Management human resources
  • Tourism and Recreation - specializations: Geotourism, Active tourism, Health tourism
  • Management - specializations: Sale manager, Accountancy, Company management, Transportation - shipping - logistics, Human resources management
  • Social Health - Dental hygienist, Geriatric care


At second-cycle degree studies (Master’s degree) Pomeranian University educates in 13 fields:

  • National Security - specializations: Information security, International security, Security of local communities, Criminology and forensic sciences, National security, Occupational safety and health management, Safety of business entity
  • Biology – specializations: Teaching, Medical biology, Biomonitoring and Scientific research of nature
  • Fine Arts Education – specializations: Culture animation
  • English Philology – specializations: Teaching, Translation
  • German Philology – specializations: Teaching, German in business and tourism
  • Polish Philology – specializations: Teaching, Modern culture, Pomeranian studies
  • Russian Philology – specializations: Russian in business and tourism, Russian with English language (teaching)
  • Geography – specializations: Teaching, Economy and self-government administration, Natural environment management, Tourism
  • History – specializations: Archive and Pomeranian studies, Teaching, Regional history (50+), International political and economic relations
  • Mathematics – specializations: Teaching, Finances
  • Education – specializations: Elementary education with pedagogical therapy, Gerontology with health promotion, Teaching, Care education with social assistance, Rehabilitative education with social prevention, Psychopedagogy
  • Nursing
  • Management – International business, Tourism management, Logistic management, Manager Management

The University also offers PhD degree in 2 fields:

  • Literature
  •  History

The Pomeranian University is fully empowered to offer PhD degree in Biology and also gives opportunity to participate in post-graduate studies and courses within the area of research carried out.


The University campus located on 22 Arciszewskiego Str. welcomes students to its 3 student dormitories, a canteen, ‘Kwadrans’ club and sports facilities. Moreover, students have permanent Internet access through both cable and wireless connections. Our students have unlimited access to electronic libraries – both domestic and foreign in the Main Library.The University also offers additional forms of development of students’ interests, mainly through their activity in scientific clubs, organizations and associations existing at the Pomeranian University or in Academic Choir Juventus Cantans.

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